Simple WPC Doors

  • Hybrid WPC Door

    Hybrid WPC Door

    Hybrid WPC Door About products Product Description Hybrid WPC door is wood and plastic composite. 30% wood powder and 30% plastic powder with Caco-3 powder to mix and casting by high temperature. t’s 100% waterproof and moth proof mixtures for doors. Meanwhile our WPC doors...Read More
  • Moulded WPC Door

    Moulded WPC Door

    Moulded WPC Door Product summary Product Description Moulded WPC door is produced by one-time extrusion molding by advanced production equipment and Korean advanced microcellular technology. Our factory has experience engineers for WPC raw material. Door leaf mold: 500mm,...Read More
  • WPC Indoor Doors

    WPC Indoor Doors

    WPC indoor doors About WPC doors Product Description WPC indoor doors is good for bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and other interior rooms. Currently wpc doors is popular for Middle East market, one of production technology for wpc material is aimed at the areas’ climate and...Read More
  • WPC Panel Doors

    WPC Panel Doors

    WPC Panel Doors Details Product Description WPC panel doors are with two surface treatment, one is paint surface, another one is heat laminate surface. Paint surface doors is made of two times of basic paint and one time of surface paint. It can’t be scratched. More detailed...Read More
  • WPC Wood Door

    WPC Wood Door

    WPC wood door WPC doors overview: Product Description WPC wood door is made of wood power and plastic power, so the doors is with wood character. It’s suitable for hot weather place, especially for Middle East, South Asia, South America. Our designer can make based on your...Read More
  • Apartment WPC Doors

    Apartment WPC Doors

    Apartment wpc doors Door Description Product description The apartment wpc doors is hollow structure design, so that it’s with sound isolation effect. It can be filled with sound isolation material inside door lead, to be better sound proof effect. Our paint engineer can be...Read More
  • WPC Modern Doors

    WPC Modern Doors

    WPC modern doors Product brief Production description WPC modern doors are substituted for traditional timber wooden doors. Nowadays more and more people focus on protecting green environment to protect forest. If make traditional timber wooden doors, need to be used 100%...Read More
  • Interior Bedroom Doors

    Interior Bedroom Doors

    Interior bedroom doors Product description Product description There are many designs making for bedroom interior doors. We make designs by CNC machines. Firstly make design drawing and then make lines design automatically. You can provide your design and we make for you....Read More
  • WPC Solid Wooden Doors

    WPC Solid Wooden Doors

    WPC Solid Wooden Doors WPC doors description Product description WPC solid wooden doors is considered as a good substitute for traditional tropical woods and even more so taking into account the environmental value. In the production process, there is no harmful material...Read More
  • WPC Decking Door

    WPC Decking Door

    WPC decking door Product specification Product 1 We are a manufacture for WPC decking door, with professional WPC doors machines, produce kinds of WPC doors for different markets. Provide top quality WPC doors and WPC doors frames. WPC doors frame model, E frame and regular...Read More
  • WPC Flush Door

    WPC Flush Door

    WPC flush door White paint door specification Production description White paint wpc flush doors and heat laminate are welcomed in Israeli market and Brazil market. OEM design is available. Sample is available. White paint door process: three times polish process + three...Read More
Welcome to wholesale high quality simple WPC doors at competitive price from professional manufacturers and suppliers of simple WPC doors. For quotation, contact our factory.


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