• Hybrid WPC Door

    Hybrid WPC Door

    Hybrid WPC Door About products Product Description Hybrid WPC door is wood and plastic composite. 30% wood powder and 30% plastic powder with Caco-3 powder to mix and casting by high temperature. t’s 100% waterproof and moth proof mixtures for doors. Meanwhile our WPC doors...Read More
  • Moulded WPC Door

    Moulded WPC Door

    Moulded WPC Door Product summary Product Description Moulded WPC door is produced by one-time extrusion molding by advanced production equipment and Korean advanced microcellular technology. Our factory has experience engineers for WPC raw material. Door leaf mold: 500mm,...Read More
  • WPC Indoor Doors

    WPC Indoor Doors

    WPC indoor doors About WPC doors Product Description WPC indoor doors is good for bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and other interior rooms. Currently wpc doors is popular for Middle East market, one of production technology for wpc material is aimed at the areas’ climate and...Read More
  • WPC Door Frame

    WPC Door Frame

    WPC door frame Product specification WPC frame width: 100mm, 140mm, 180mm, 220mm, 260mm, 300mm Product Description WPC frame is made by molds, one mold for one size. There are 3 kind of frame models in our factory. Here is the regular WPC frame model, that popular in Middle...Read More
  • WPC Door Frame Installation

    WPC Door Frame Installation

    WPC door frame installation Product specification WPC E frame width: 100mm, 120mm, 140mm, 60 extended frame Product Description The WPC frame is designed for Israel market and Europe market. This frame model can be combined with 60mm extended frame. If you need 160mm frame,...Read More
  • WPC Material Frame

    WPC Material Frame

    WPC material frame Product specification WPC E frame width: 100mm, 120mm, 140mm, 60 extended frame Product Description WPC material frame is suitable for wooden door also. It’s waterproof and moth proof material, it may good for some of your projects. If you have wooden doors...Read More
  • Interior French Doors

    Interior French Doors

    We are the manufacturer professionally in various interior french door design.Read More
  • WPC Interior Doors

    WPC Interior Doors

    WPC interior doors make from a unique combination of wood fiber and new plastic according to high-tech. It's is a new green material that can be recycled.Read More
  • PVC Laminated Door

    PVC Laminated Door

    Our PVC laminated door is made with the plastic suction art and the surface is relatively smooth, with sealing side seamless.Read More
  • WPC Door

    WPC Door

    Wpc door Specification: Product Description WPC Door called Wood Plastic Composite Doors that gather up the advantages of wood and plastic. It is expected to replace wood rapidly as a building material, particularly for interior door and interior door frame. WPC Doors and WPC...Read More
  • WPC Bathroom Doors

    WPC Bathroom Doors

    Wpc bathroom doors Details Product Description WPC doors is waterproof and moisture proof, so it’s widely used in bathroom. Not only bathroom door, but also kitchen and bedroom door. It doesn’t matter when you use water clean the house. So that provide you a clean space and...Read More
  • Most Durable Flush Doors

    Most Durable Flush Doors

    Most durable flush doors Product details Product Description The WPC flush doors is durable, it keep durable door structure after press by 15 tons track. Durable door test, as following FAQ • Q6. Is it OK to print my logo on packaging carton? • A: Yes. Please inform us...Read More
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